From a local Asheville Moving Company: Moving Broker vs Moving Company

Posted on March 2, 2015

Young Couple - MayflowerAs a local Asheville moving company we see lots of different ways to relocate.  These days there are so many different companies out there.  In a market like we have, each company advertises as the best and cheapest in order to gain recognition and more business.  The difficulty becomes sorting the scam artists from the legitimate businesses.

This week we want to focus in on what makes a great moving company in comparison to some of the brokerage companies that people get caught up in.  We will start by recognizing the difference.

A moving company:

1.  Has an office of paid employees.

2.  Has a range of different size trucks in order to transport your things as well as a crew in order to do so.

3.  Has the capability to schedule, plan and coordinate your move properly.

4.  Has a plan for when an item is damaged or loss.  (The obvious goal is for this to never happen, unfortunately sometimes things do.)

5.  Has the capability to track your shipment as it travels to your destination.


A moving broker:

1.  Has no employees and doesn’t know who will be moving your things.

2.  Has no trucks, crews or ability to pick up your things directly.

3.  Has no ability to schedule your move independently.

4.  Has no insurance or plan for any damage or loss of your items.

5.  Has no idea where your things are or when they will arrive if ever.


Too often there is trust placed in a rogue moving brokerage company who will demand a down payment for your move in no attempt to honor the loading day and time of your household goods.  Don’t be like the thousands of people everyday who count on a moving broker to ensure their relocation is a success.  In the past week we have spoken to at least 2 people who had planned for their things to be loaded and a truck never showed up.


Give us a call and we will make sure your relocation is as flawless as possible!