Monthly Archives: October 2014

Free Moving Quote:

Posted on October 28, 2014

If you are looking to relocate across town or across state lines, how do you plan on getting there? In the past, we’ve seen people who think a moving company is going to be an outrageous expense.  Depending on what you have to move and where you are going we could be the best, easy and… Read more

2014 Customer Choice Award Winner!

Posted on October 20, 2014

As you may have seen, we move a little differently.  Quality is at the top of our priorities.  At the end of the day we make sure that we have served our customers to the absolute fullest capacity. Well, they have responded!     Over the last year we have worked very hard to provide… Read more

Just Another Reason Why Using Us Is A Better Move!

Posted on October 15, 2014

Here is just one example of what we as an Asheville moving company do everyday for our customers!             I wanted to let you know that the move went very smooth and yes the Piano arrived safely although in need of tuning which is normal. The Grandfather clock did fine… Read more

James Stokely Driver of the month honorable mention!

Posted on October 13, 2014

As we have mentioned, we are so proud of our team.  A successful move requires more than flashy advertising and a dirt cheap estimate.  If you have not read the blogs that reference these things, check out our archives for them. Success in this industry requires a team of people dedicated to making your move… Read more

Want to save money on your move this fall?

Posted on October 1, 2014

For some, moving costs don’t pose an issue.  You are able to choose whichever company you would like to use and you have the ability to sit back, relax and let us take over.  Other times that is not the case. When it comes to moving, there are many different things that can cause the… Read more