If a moving company wanted to scam you, what would they NOT tell you?

Posted on November 11, 2014

Back in 2005 Fox News wrote an article in response to an investigation the FBI did into moving companies.  Here are 10 things they found that your movers may not tell you if you aren’t careful!

1. They’ll hijack your stuff.

2. They’re popular…with the FBI. (Does not stand for Facebook and Instagram!)

3. They’re like the mafia…untouchable.

4. Someone will deliver your things.  It just won’t be them.

5. How much do your movers have? A day or two.

6. They’re pricing policies are insane.

7. They have many ways of charging you more money.

8. They never met a schedule they didn’t ignore.

9. Surprise! They’re insurance isn’t worth much.

10. They change addresses as much as their customers do.


We couldn’t ignore this list.  So important to know who is moving you and to ask the right questions.  A good question could make the difference in a bad move.  Ask us how we handle each of these questions.

See the rest of the article here!