What do I need to know before moving? We are so glad you asked!

Posted on November 4, 2014

One of the things that we place a large amount of value in is quality (if you have read at least one blog on our website you will have noticed this once or five times). This quality isn’t picked out of thin air on our way to load up our most recent customer. It takes a certain level of insight and knowledge of this industry in order to be successful when it comes to quality.

Earlier this year the president and CEO of the American Moving and Storage association weighed in on an article for ABC’s 2020 titled “8 Things You Need To Know Before Moving.”

An article such as this couldn’t be ignored. In a society filled with companies more than willing to sacrifice the quality of their products and services, an expert can help shed some light.

Here is what she had to say:

1. Hire a mover with an established track record, not the one that pops up first on your google search.

2. Get that estimate in person.

3. Make sure that estimate is binding.

4. Know who you are dealing with: Movers v.s Brokers.

5. Weigh that sucker.

6. Be clear when you want your things delivered, but be flexible too.

7. One burly dude alone can not move your stuff.

8. What to do in the worst-case scenario of hostage loading.


Keep these things in mind when dealing wi any moving company. Just because the advertising is flashy, doesn’t mean the service isn’t trashy!

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